All questions about HM AWLSE! Got ARMAX codes~ For SE, not HMAWL!

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User Info: DracularCross

8 years ago#1
The Questions are a lot, so, answer for me, ok?
1. What is the difference between HM AWL and HM AWLSpecial Edition?

2.(If you know the 1st question answer) Why is the FAQs is same between these two?

3.Is there no ARMAX codes for SE one's? A lot people said "No"or "Go Die, No" or whatever, but I got some, accidentally found it. But I forgot what is the address already, sorry. But I think is about in, ''cause the pages are yellow like gamewinners, very deep I think. I will submit the codes after the questions are all ask.

4.HMAWL or HM AWLSE better?

5.Go check this web page:

You will find a title named "All about Nami".
If you read this, you will know Nami is great to be wife. But, also a lot people said Nami is going back to some place and take 1000G plus take care the baby by own and another rumors, is this true? Anyway this website is cool for newbie.

7.If the ARMAX codes is avaible, then there will be some possible for this answer.The turtle able to get? They say 1st be friend with Cody, get the painting, and when he is with the turtle in the swamp, and its raining (I think), Fish in there and you will saw a CS (Cut Scene, not Counter Strike =.='''), and it is only able in 1st year. Maybe Im a noob, or not, I just go be friend with Cody, and I get the Strange Sickle or what, forgot, I just know it is a sickle, then no more.

8.Daryl CS:
(a)Go into his house and he said what geotermal energy or whatever, and I choose what answer?
(b)The second time, go into his house, I think is the rainwater CS, and I choose what answer better?
(c)Is there a third time?

9.I also found somekind of website for ALL the history of HM, and there got the 100% recipes, the genes or hybration, the characters in Forgot-Me-Valley, the fish catch place and season, and other useful things, but, same as the ARMAX codes, just lucky to found out but forgotten to list the address, and it is in the same day!

10.The "exotic"pets like Chihwahwa, raccoon, or whatever, exist as my pet?

11.Daryl CS again:
The CS that "you" the character, very lucky enough when walk out from the house and saw Daryl go to the Goddess Lake and wanted to catch Mukumuku, and you will able to saw the CS for a many times with many dialogues but, which is the last one? The last one I trigger is he wanted to catch Mukumuku and put the food, and there is Van, Murrey and here goes Mukumuku, and then they "eat", maybe is just take, but the dialogue said eat, and then Daryl said he put the sleeping pills or something but accidentally put the Vitamins. =.='''' careless and ... *sigh*

13.ARMAX codes please, for Special Edition ones, and must have the "Must" code same. List down please, I will be happy and so others. And find the two websites I mention in
Question 3 and 9...

ARMAX codes for Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition


Max Cash

Max Cash After Buying Tools

Freeze Timer (L3 to Stop/R3 to Restart)

Freeze Timer Alternate (L3 to Stop/R3 to Restart)

These are the codes I got, not much used huh? Except the Cash only. And I don't know the "Freeze Timer" and "Freeze time Alternate" got what difference. Anyway, Hope works and sorry for the forgotten website. These codes I found about 6-7 months before.

For true, Hope this LONG Question with codes help a lot and please make a good answer!

User Info: DracularCross

8 years ago#2
And My E-mail address is

If you got some problem just send e-mail or add me as a contact, and please, answer the questions or just at least answer it, don't make this board so bored and no answer, except ARMAX codes...

User Info: red255

8 years ago#3
Pretty common questions:
1. What is the difference between HM AWL and HM AWLSpecial Edition?

the PS2 version is SE, they fixed a bit of bugs and made Lumina marry-able, and the ability to assign gender to your child.

As it is a PS2 version you can't link it to a GBA, and runs a tad slower.

2.(If you know the 1st question answer) Why is the FAQs is same between these two?
Except for the above mentioned, theres just a small change in the price of seeds, and the seed maker runs slower.... you want an entirely new FAQ for that? There are more Faqs on the gamecube version, but yeah. Basically the same game.

4.HMAWL or HM AWLSE better?
I would rather die than own a gamecube. so I'm biased.

5. er..... you can marry and have child with Nami. Told its a bit .... easy to have a seemingly psycho kid with her. Haven't married her yet though.

6. yes.

7. Cody supposedly gives a sickly and artwork. Thought the sickle was after the great field, so no way to do that in Year 1. Regardless the turtle is public. you can't get it for the farm.

8. theres a seed maker cutscene that I recall.

9. Um, you could check the faqs and list any recipes not in them If you want.

10. Told you could get a cat from Romana, and maybe a dog from the dig site after you grab the last tablet..... but my wife sleeps sooo late.

11. Think there are 4 of those off hand but again, not sure.

12. No

13. I don't own an armax.
Why would it get a second season when it's about to end here? >_> -V exe1 on tower of druaga season 1.

User Info: DracularCross

8 years ago#4
Thanks red for have at least got some answers.

Actually, the cody thing, the sickle, NO NEED the GREAT FIELD, I just keep gifting him and we became friends and I got the sickle, and I think the only tools that can get in year 1 is Cody's sickle. But the artwork, how to get?

The recipes in the FAQs are NOT FULLY COMPLETED as I know. I last time, I had said that I went to a website, and I counted the dishes about every kind of dishes is 20-40 kinds. Or maybe I just blind. But I know it is not completed yet.

And The ARMAX codes, if there are people found out this, can you also go find some more cheats? This is for SE version. And is really worked!

By the way, post messages for this title and let it alive please!

User Info: DracularCross

8 years ago#5

Long time already, this board is dead now...

Please reply the answers. If you know, and the most important thing is, I want ARMAX codes... Thanks

User Info: MalayGrunge

8 years ago#6
Hey, when I put in the Mastercode for the AR Max, it says "Unknown Error".. plz tell me why?

User Info: DracularCross

8 years ago#7
I have no problem-mo, maybe you use is not Action Reply Max Evo (???), I don't know what number and words already... or maybe you type wrong?

User Info: Master_Darkrat

8 years ago#8
does the code realy works??
Master darkrat is the greatest hacker of them all!!!

User Info: thegrambauer

8 years ago#9
If you're after PAL version codes, then I know for sure these codes work:

>> Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition
>> PAL
>> Action Replay Max

Master code

Infinite Gold
Never Hungry

Never Tired
Drowsiness tolerance rise
Farming tool use degree of skill maximum
Unlimited Fodder
Dogs Hearts Full
Dog Training Almost Complete
All Tools (Except for the last two Sickles)
All Tools


(Master Code)
(Infinite Gold)
(L1+L2 All Tools)

You can find these codes and other game tips/hints/glitches, etc., at my Harvest Moon games page via my site:

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User Info: Master_Darkrat

8 years ago#10
these are hot dawgs!! thx bro...
you dont see how miserable my farm was
Master darkrat is the greatest hacker of them all!!!
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