Vincent/Yuffie and Vincent/Lucretia?

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User Info: 404errord

9 years ago#1
So I hear this game's pretty heavy on the Vincent/Yuffie whenever it's not rehashing the Vincent/Lucretia? I kind of avoided this game for a while because I heard that it pretty much smashes the Vincent/Yuffie following into, "LOL NO, YOU GUYS ARE DELUSIONAL." nonexistence and ended up being Vincent/Shelke by the end or something.

So what is the secondary pairing in this story? Obviously Vincent's going to always love Lucretia, but does he end up closer to Yuffie or Shelke by the end?
~ 404errord

User Info: 404errord

9 years ago#2
Vincent/Shalua* I meant. Not Vincent/Shelke.

~ 404errord

User Info: tidal_tempest

9 years ago#3
Vincent is not interested in Yuffie or the rest.
He is only interested in completing his objectives.

Yuffie shows no interest in Vincent other than being excited around him about having adventures.

There is more of a relationship between Vincents Cerberus than anything else.
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Yeah, shoot some crates!
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User Info: 404errord

9 years ago#4
As long as there isn't any Vincent/Shelke, I'm good.

That "almost-hug" after Shalua got HULK SMASHED was just "NO." on so many levels.
~ 404errord

User Info: Jimayo

9 years ago#5
How immature are you?

An old man comforting a child when her sister is almost killed comes off as pervish to you?

Get some help.
"I'll be up on the roof killing people until we're allowed to progress." - Black Mage, A man after my own heart.

User Info: blkmge

9 years ago#6
I was counting on Vincent/Shalua, but now I don't know who he'll hook up with if anyone. He could end up addicted to internet porn.

User Info: neogetz

9 years ago#7
vincent has too many issues to hook up.
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User Info: 404errord

9 years ago#8

It only made me cringe because earlier in that day one of my more twisted hentai-addict friends was showing me some Vincent/Shelke and I was like, "WHAT. THE. <expletive>" He's one of those guys who like loli hentai and gets his jolly's off to Shelke.

You gotta cut me some slack, man. Have that burned into your brain, then watch that scene (and many after where Shelke stammers and acts like a schoolgirl with a crush when Lucretia's memories start acting up in her).

I blame the drummer.
~ 404errord
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