Mantra Grid Question

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User Info: ZEPHYR01

8 years ago#1
I'm playing DDS 2 for the third time (& DDS1 of course) but I'm stumped as to why the Mantras: God of Light (Vishnu), Root of Evil (Seth) and Aksara (Shiva) haven't become available even though I have maxed out the Mantras around them and I'm maxed out Dragonslayer (Michael).

Does anyone know why these haven't become available?

I haven't maxed out the rest of the Mantras because I don't really want a lot of them. I thought I might have to max out everything first, but Dragonslayer became available when the ones around all 4 of the 'extra' Mantras were maxed so I thought the others would follow suit. Why didn't they??

User Info: MasterLL

8 years ago#2
Those require you to fight those optional bosses to unlock, which are located at the final dungeon.
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User Info: ZEPHYR01

8 years ago#3
Ahhh. Ok.

Thanks for clearing that up.

User Info: Blaargv131

8 years ago#4
Michael is located before the final dungeon, and he is missable.

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