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User Info: xXhakuhyouXx

6 years ago#1
Can you use an American Gameshark with this game, as long as you enter the JP codes? Because, I want to buy this, but I could NEVER beat a Pokemon game without a Gameshark at one point or another. However, I don't want to have to get a JP Gameshark, because this game was expensive enough already.
My Gameshark is specifically this model: I know it says it only works on GB Pocket and GBC, but it also works on an GBA SP and a GBA.
Thanks for your help!
My Systems: Turbografx-16; NES; SNES; Sega Genesis (Model 2); Genmobile; N64; Gamecube; Wii; GB; GBC; GBA; GBA SP; DS Lite; DSi; PSX; PS1; PS2; PS3

User Info: Allhailshadow

6 years ago#2
You've never beaten a pokemon game without a gameshark?....not even with just the missingno glitch?

Oh man. Saddest story I ever heard. ):
My Pokemon Diamond code: 2235-1916-1376 (My name is Crystal) My City Folk animal name is Crystal. I live in Talinack. My code is: 5026-7915-3553

User Info: TheAnthraxBunny

6 years ago#3
^This. You really should give the game a try without cheating.
Bark, bark, bark.
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