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User Info: Farel13

7 years ago#1
I don't know, but I decided to write this to vent my frustration...
The characters in this game are not exactly balanced and I want to list the issues I got with them

I don’t care what anyone says… If a characters comes late into the team then he/she won’t have any weapon skills to learn … even should he/she fight high spark rate enemies… he/she will NEVER catch up to the rest of your team… Besides his/her stat are already quite down the drain…
Capt. Silver
Worst cases where I shall substract 2 points are
Dragon Knight

Ok if your late character does instead do only spells , that’ll give him still an easy chance to get a magic crown late in the game… but if his/her BP regen sucks, that won’t do… I enlist all who can maximally have a 4/per turn regen
Capt. Silver
Dragon Knight

Annoying … considering none of those fixed ones are THE BEST
Dragon Knight (since one can barely control his equip, I’ll substract 2)

Jamil (Cannot have Dowd in team (possible to avoid as female hero, but still))
Diana (Cannot have Albert in team)
Alber (Cannot have Diana in Team)
Neidhart (NEEDS to have Albert in team to enter the Castle to recruit him)
Freilei (you need to have a free slot through the whole dungeon and boss fight to get your only chance to get her)
Capt. Silver (If you don’t visit Melvir Sewers before the Pirate Invasion then your lost!)
Dragon Knight (you need to have Neidhart in the team (if you met him) during the quest and that AGAIN means having Albert in your team too… )

These need to have two substracted… so annoying
The Minstrel (keeps leaving the team… and getting him back usually takes a while)
Dowd (Can’t have Jamil in team (possible to avoid as female hero, but still) and all the horrible things… I have to play through Jamil a few times to finally unlock him!)

I like it when I can remove a character from my team… and consider that to get one character you need another etc… you should be able to do this you know?
Freilei no returning…
Dragon Knight cannot be removed…. Aside from DEATH
Jamil (if you use the trick to get both him and Dowd, disbanding one is lost of him forever)
Dowd (if you use the trick to get both him and Jamil, disbanding one is lost of him forever)

Perfectly Fine:

And here those with problems
Albert -1
Farah -1
Diana -1
Patrick -1
Galahad -1
Raphael -2
Gian -2
Jamil -2
The Minstrel -2
Capt. Silver -3
Dowd -3
Neidhart -4
Freilei -5
Dragon Knight -6

There, I wasted a good chuck my life... and yours by forcing you to read this

User Info: EscapadesPanda

7 years ago#2
Long time player of RS/lurker of this board, first time poster.

I think Herman needs a point deducted due to the Jewel Beast fiasco. I like to sacrifice a character to death, meaning he can't be your second if it's late in the game, and if you need to remove him for a quest late in the game... yikes!

And no points deducted from the NPCs? Come on, they're people too! Not being able to remove and recuit the same one again, sacrificing to Death is a permanently loss...

User Info: 0rangeTruffle

7 years ago#3
In terms of pure gameplay, you've got a point there (most characters are at fairly huge handicap compared to the main 7 in terms of stats and recruitment). Still for the sheer sweet sake of variety I don't mind it too much. Not having recruited someone like Aldora or Dragon Knight or using those LP-fragile mercs gives a certain replayability value and extra challenge, which is (arguably) what SaGa games are all about.
SaGa wiki: I want you to get dirty wid'it!

User Info: Leon481

7 years ago#4
Well, I agree with some of what you said but there are some things i would change.

Late Recruitment:
Gian can actually be gotten at the beginning of the game in ER3 or so. He really shouldn't be listed here.
Silver, Farah, and Neidhart can be gotten about halfway through the game, which while they would be behind, is not to late to catch them up.
Frelei can actually be gotten pretty early, but it requires killing Pyrix which you may not want to do.
Raphael and the Dragon Knight are the only ones that can be difficult to work with because there is nothing you can do about them joining so late, so I agree there.
Stats of characters recruited late in game seem to be a lot more balanced overall than ones you keep in the party. Some may even be better than your party members if you had bad luck in the levelling department.

BP Regen:
This really isn't an issue once you have a grasp of the game's systems. Class levels, blacksmithing and crowns go a long way to getting around this.

Fixed Armor:
Can't argue there. Also weapons. I hated not being able to remove Diana or Neidhart's weapons. Also, Brau and Sylvan.

Weird Recruiting Rules:
Albert and Diana I get. If they meet they have no reason to stay in the party. It was rather annoying though, when you use Diana a lot and have to dump her for quests that need Albert. It takes a long time for one to show up when you drop the other. Jamil and Dowd restrictions never made sense to me though. Maybe Dowd is mad at Jamil for leaving him behind?
For Neidhart, once you actually give him that fatestone, you don't need Albert to get into the palace anymore. It's something that gets easily overlooked though.
Frelei, Silver, and the Dragon Knight are special cases as Fatestone Guardians. They're bosses so it's not surprising that they are hard to get.
The only problem I have with the Minstrel is the fact that if you want to complete everything you lose him forever. Getting him back is not an issue as I usually leave him behind when town hopping and only get him back when I'm ready for battles.
You may want to add Brau and Sylvan to this list as you may need to jump through some specific hoops in order to keep them. Also, Herman and the Jewel Beast.

User Info: killerb255

7 years ago#5
...if you want to include generic characters...the Pirate if you're not playing as Hawke.

Also True Darque. If you drop him, you can't get him back.
You can get Galahad back.
--Killer B

User Info: GirlInTheCorner

7 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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