For all you Haunting Ground fans out there...

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User Info: XxScissormanxX

4 years ago#1
Definitely worth a read:

User Info: Enetirnel

4 years ago#2
Aside from Remothered being an unlicensed "remake" of the first Clock Tower game, so it's not exactly in the same style of Haunting Ground.
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User Info: xXMythieXx

4 years ago#3
We could consider it a "reimagining" of the original, in the same sense of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories being a "reimagining" of the first Silent Hill. I'm actually quite excited about this, as I had thought he had abandoned the project!
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User Info: kangarooz

4 years ago#4
Its only for the WiiU? is there any chance of it coming out for something else? I might get a WiiU but I really don't think it will sell well on that console since nintendo doesnt have a strong survival horror fanbase. Thats why Resident Evil Remake and zero sold so poorly which lead to RE4's dramatic changes in mid development. Nintendo is where classic survival horror died.
R.I.P. True Survival Horror 1996-2005

User Info: bunalz3

4 years ago#5
On which platforms will it be released? I can't be buying a Wii....last time it's Fatal Frame, now what..?
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