How the hell do you do Jutsus?!

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  3. How the hell do you do Jutsus?!

User Info: Robbrand2000

9 years ago#1
Whenever I try to do a jutsu, the character just stops and then runs forward, like he's gonna tackle something.

Even when he hits an enemy/object he still doesn't do the jutsu.

What am I doing wrong?!

User Info: metaknightx

9 years ago#2
your not doing anything wrong you just have to hit a boss not just a person.
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User Info: Allstone888

9 years ago#3
Yeah, the game has an idiotic rule that you must hit a person that has a health bar on the bottom screen and is not your ally. One exception though, with jutsus that are "area of effect" (in red on the jutsu select screen) you can use them regardless of enemy positions. They will hit all the enemies on the map (i think) and are quite overpowered. Also, I am quite sure Itachi's Amaterasu will hit the boss only without a tackle.
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  2. Naruto: Ninja Council 3
  3. How the hell do you do Jutsus?!

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