Did anyone else do this?

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User Info: DW7stillrules

7 years ago#1
Buy all 3 US versions, beat them all. and then order the Japanese versions of this game and ToV just so you could do the special scenario of the latter?

I know the third game(also know as the fifth in the series)was done pretty well, so I won't get much from ordering the Japanese version, but the special scenarios were such an integral part of the gaming experience that I had to play ToV with the special scenarios from this game(the Queen will be so much easier than God of Chaos).

I hope they didn't gimp the main character of this game like they did in Songs of the Ocean( Jurio lost his awesome skills and they gimped Avin with the taking of his summon spirits, ruining him, as well as taking everything from some characters like Joanna).

I want Avin and Jurio to summon spam.

It has also been such a long time since I played these games, and I want to celebrate Legend of Heroes VI coming here in all its glory.
playing Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X, Tales of Destiny DC, Tales of Symphonia PS2, Tales of Hearts anime version and Tales of Eternia(PSP).

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