What are Pocket Items?

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User Info: Ragnar666

6 years ago#1
Iv seen these before, but very limited have i seen them, now in this PvP there is another two, seems pretty nice for something i have no clue of, and it says they can only be placed in the Pocket Slot? Where is the Pocket Slot? I dont see it lol
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User Info: MistressRarity

6 years ago#2
you get the pocket slot by levelling up one of your character's traits, I'm not sure which one it was or how much you need to level it, now.
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User Info: Ephemeral_Being

6 years ago#3
Charm to 30, IIRC.
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User Info: idrownfish50

6 years ago#4
Level up Charm to 30, A.K.A.

Buy a lot of vanity Cash shop clothes
Henehoe for fame (takes tens of thousands of fame points iirc, don't know number)
craft and equip tons of +charmexp equips

just for the pocket slot.
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