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User Info: Ephemeral_Being

6 years ago#1
I was out hunting for a Pianus card earlier on a whim, and I actually found one. Not only did I find one, I found three. Along with the cards that dropped (Guild mates took the other two), three miniature Pianus statues appeared in the loot.

I have them sitting in my inventory right now, and I'm while I know I'm supposed to use them to get Hero's Will, I'm not sure what precisely is entailed in that process. From what I DO know, I take the statues to Carla, and she lets me into a room with Sharks and Bone Fish. I kill them, gather fragments, and then am awarded a skill book. Use that skill book, and you have unlocked Hero's Will. I think you do something will the certificates (Zakum, Pap, Pianus) in order to raise the maximum skill level.

I still have a couple of questions here, though.

1. Can I bring a party of people in? I don't see the point in everyone buying their own statues if you can.

2. Can someone confirm and explain what the certificates do?

3. How many of these will I actually need? If we can do this as a party, can we get a few people through with 3 statues?

4. If it's only useful for Horntail and Chaos Zakum, should I really bother? I'm mega weak and I'm not going to be going on either of those runs any time soon.
ConIido, 16X Buccaneer

User Info: Bokothechoco2

6 years ago#2
As far as I know the certificates are pretty pointless. If you collect all three you use them can skip the HTPQ once or something.
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User Info: dragon504

6 years ago#3
It took me 3 or 4 statues to get finish the quest and get hero's will.
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