Where's my damn pocket slot?

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User Info: Benzley

5 years ago#1

I thought you needed level 30 charm to get it, but whenever I try to equip that wallet for +3 strength, it says "This can only be equipped in the pocket slot"

User Info: Phainopepla

5 years ago#2
You have to unlock the Pocket slot by doing the Royal haircut guy's quest. All he asks for is a Rose Clipping.

No clue how to get them, though. I just remembered having one on my Alchemy mule.

User Info: GeminiDeus

5 years ago#3
Rose Clippings can be found via Herb harvesting. They're very rare drops, though I've managed to find maybe 7 total in all my time harvesting.
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User Info: XDummyX

5 years ago#4
huh... i remember vendoring one of those for like a meso... crap.


User Info: tsunamisurfer08

5 years ago#5
Good to know. Glad I kept the two I had found while in the Ardent herb patches.
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User Info: ModLogic

5 years ago#6
do you have to harvest harvest with profession or can you go outside pirate town and click those herbs?
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  3. Where's my damn pocket slot?

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