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User Info: saLUEtes

5 years ago#1
I figure that having played with 4th job for a bit, I'm in a position to share my experience with anyone else interested:

Just for context, I'll list my training areas (30+) and the main skill I used to train in them:
30 - 50: Kerning Square (using Rising Rush)
50 - 70: Jesters [Toy Room] (using RR to position and Piercing to finish)
70 - 85: Jesters [Chimney] (using mainly Leaf Tornado, though I did use my exp potion in this period
85 - 100: MP3 (using mainly Aerial Barrage with Leaf Tornado occasionally)
100 - 110: Pirates (using mainly LT, using it pretty awkwardly to hit both platforms but not actually bring myself up to the top platform)
110 - 120: MDTs (for the drop possibilities, if I was after pure exp I'd stay at Pirates - using mainly AB and Stunning Strikes).

Given the areas I trained in, here is what I'd recommend as the best build to follow:

Second job is a bit dependant on your training style and your base stats. I initially needed the STR so I did Physical Training relatively early, but here is a rough guideline:
Initial points into skills (Rising Rush, Piercing)
Max Mastery with a few points in Booster when available
Max Spirit Surge
15 points in Piercing (so it's capped at 16)
Max Final Attack
Max Rising Rush
Max Parting Shot
Max Booster

Slip in Physical Training wherever you need to. Bear in mind this period went pretty quickly for me, so this probably isn't the optimal build, though if I was doing it again this is what I'd do (given I barely used Rising Rush).

Third job was a lot trickier to decide what to do, with different sources saying pretty different things. Here is what I did, and what I think was the best way to go given where I trained:
1 Stunning Strikes, 1 Aerial Barrage, 1 Leaf Tornado
Max Ignis Roar
Max Aerial Barrage
Max Leaf Tornado
Max Water Shield
[From this point on priority is fairly irrelevant]
Max Elemental Knights
Max Stunning Strikes
Max Unicorn Spike
16 Gust Dive

Just some points to note: From 70 - 120 I didn't use Gust Dive or Unicorn Spike when training properly at all. SS was useful at MDTs, though had I stayed at Pirates for experience I would barely have used it either.
Elemental Knights are useful when you aren't 1 hitting mobs - when you attack something, they stay on it (hitting quickly) until it's dead, so it's useless if you're 1 hitting.

For really shallow 4th job commentary, 1 point in Moonsault replaces AB, Spikes Royale does not replace LT at all (Spikes can only be cast from the ground and gives no vertical boost) and Lightning Edge seems pretty useless.

There will probably be a few points of debate in this thread; given I was levelling so quickly I wasn't too concerned with optimization and I doubt you could train properly now at the areas I did, so builds factoring that may be very different.
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User Info: KaosMKVIII

5 years ago#2
more like don't even head to toy room, on khaini there's MINIMUM 2 people each room each channel, with at least 1 person in the room with voodoos and TJs.

i'd hate to be on windia...
Kraozu - 70 Hermit - Khaini
Currently working on AkimBowes for exp though ;v

User Info: saLUEtes

5 years ago#3
I was before the rush so had no problem finding free maps, though I know it would be extremely difficult in a popular server to get a free MP3 or any Jester map.
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User Info: NobleRoar

5 years ago#4
Why do people suggest Jesters at such a low level? I'd hate to miss all the time ._.
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User Info: Fonz_master

5 years ago#5
This is exactly what I've been looking for!!

Thank you!
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User Info: pieman813

5 years ago#6
If you're having trouble at scarecrows or CDs or even early jesters, drakes aren't bad. Less exp per kill, but there is usually an empty map and the spawn is very fast.

User Info: Blazeofspikes10

5 years ago#7
I followed the training guide sticky and got to level 86 no problem. I am not sure if I am ahead of the crowd seeing as there are few people at roids/insertother roid* map or whether the crowd is at the mansion or singapore since I did not even bother with those areas. I am on a fairly popular server as well khani.

User Info: KaosMKVIII

5 years ago#8
Ah, true enough Sal. How was your damage though? I see people at like 61 hitting like 2.5k non-crits with piercing storm D:
Kraozu - 70 Hermit - Khaini
Currently working on AkimBowes for exp though ;v

User Info: RedRoover

5 years ago#9
From about 35 to the mid 40s, I went to Drakes. Like someone else said, they give a little less experience than some other recommended places at that level, but they have great spawn and Mercedes can easily maneuver around the maps quickly to keep up with every thing.

EDIT: If you can find a channel at Toy Room, Robos are still very good. It took about ten minute of channel hopping in Khaini before I was able to find an empty map (though I was playing at peak hours), but it was worth it.

At about 55-ish to 70, I went to Sand Rats and Scorpions at Sahal 1 and 2. You might want to stay at Sahal 1 until the mid-60s before moving to Sahal 2. I found leveling here really fast and easy, and on Khaini, the maps weren't crowded at all. You literally just have to stay on one side of the map and just hold down Piercing Storm since the spawn is so good. You'll see "MISS" pop up a bit often while attacking, but since Storm's rate of fire is so quick you'll still be able to kill things quickly provided you're doing decent damage. Only took me about two hours to go from 56 to 70 here, and this was without any EXP boosting coupons or items.

When I get on later tonight I plan to do Roids in Magatia from 70 to 80-ish or so, and then move to Homunculus until 100. That's what I did with my Aran and Marauder and it only took one night, and since training with Mercedes has been much faster so far, I expect it won't take as long.

Going full STRless by the way. At the moment I only have 50 STR, all from equipment. At 80+ I plan to use the weapons from the Coin Shop. I'm not really that funded (biggest thing I have backing me up is a 10att WG), so I'm sure someone with better equipment and damage will have a quicker time training at those places.
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User Info: Phainopepla

5 years ago#10
Magatia mobs! I completely forgot about those!

Came into this topic hoping for an alternative to MP3 for the everyday 2x card they gave us. HS + 2x + 1.5x + Pendant maybe should equal super fast leveling regardless.

Thanks for that.
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