so what link skills are the most important anyway

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User Info: Misunderstand

5 years ago#1
jett doesn't look overtly interesting so i'm probably going to make it on my mule account. problem is, my mule account has no link skills; what if i for some mysterious reason take a liking to them?

a fresh koc doesn't seem like too much of a pain, but leveling a cannon and merc to 70 again would be most irritating (demon slayer link skill doesn't seem that important for a side character, and i didn't make one so i can't even have one right now)

too bad about those character cards though

User Info: Dark Young Link

Dark Young Link
5 years ago#2

Cannoneer link is great for when you need to equip items. That 5% hp and mp isn't unwelcome either.

Merc gives you extra exp and gives you a free(30 minute cooldown) teleport to vic.

Demon Slayer gives you 10% Boss damage I believe, useful if you boss a lot. Not so much if you don't.

Jett..... eh, you need nx to make the most out of Jett.

And the yet to come(here anyway) Phantom gives you 10% criticlal I believe.

So to me, anyone except Jett has a nice link skill. I'd give the nood to Canoneer though, 15 secondary stat can save you so much money.
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User Info: sumgai9000

5 years ago#3
Legends can't be made right now, so it's a moot point, and Jett's skill requires NX to be useful.

That leaves Phantom by process of elimination.

But link skills aren't exactly important, unless you obsess over damage and fund your characters with NX to get THE. BEST. POSSIBLE. RANGE.

User Info: KonMon

5 years ago#4
The 10% exp from the merc is awesome if you want to level faster

and I like the cannoneer one because I can go stat-less a lot easier with less funding.
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User Info: Ephemeral_Being

5 years ago#5
Demon Slayer


Cannon Shooter



That's the order of importance.
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User Info: Endgame

5 years ago#6
Mercedes' (10% bonus EXP) you can skip if you just play one character, since the time spent leveling Mercedes would be better spent on your main, but if you have lots and lots of alts, it's an investment you could consider

Cannon Shooter's (+15 all stats, +5% HP and MP) is pretty damn important if you don't cube

Demon Slayer's (+10% boss damage) is a must have

Phantom's (+10% crit rate) is a must have

Mihile's (100% Stance for 30 seconds on a 90 second cooldown, I think) is a pretty nice thing to have for certain situations

Luminous' (+10% DEF ignore) is a must have

I don't know how Jett's works yet, but I assume it gives you SOME bonuses for free
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User Info: dimsum8000

5 years ago#7
From: Endgame | Posted: 6/29/2012 1:09:12 AM | #006
I don't know how Jett's works yet, but I assume it gives you SOME bonuses for free

Random bonuses that reset daily. It works like potential, though, in that you can raise its rank and upgrade the stats with "cubes." Although you then need to pay a monthly fee to keep it from changing, in the form of stackable 30 day locks.

Not worth it, unless you''re in the habit of throwing NX at the game.
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