monster riding?

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User Info: ProfessaD

9 years ago#1
is this just something obtained through cashshop/ pets or is this an actual perk to the game that is obtained? I noticed you earn it from a quest and etc. but I haven't seen anything in cash shop verifying that its through there.

Anyways a little light on the subject would be appreciated : /

User Info: IEatCrayonz

9 years ago#2
They're called mounts. You need to be at least level 70 to have one, and I believe some quest is involved, but you do not need cash shop.
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User Info: ProfessaD

9 years ago#3
cool, yea I saw on hs/sea that I had to do a quest which im about to do, is there any way to go about getting certain monsters to ride though or are those obtained elsewhere?

User Info: FamedMimicGogo

9 years ago#4
level 70 Mount = Hog
Level 120 Mount = Silver Mane
Level 200 Mount = Dragon

I'm sure other Mounts will be implemented later, but that's all we have for now.

Please note you need to be the level to get each one and the level 200 one is free while the 70 cost 20mil, and the 120 cost 50mil.
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User Info: Crovax

9 years ago#5
I thought the Dragon was level 170. Seems kind of silly to have it at 200.

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User Info: LostAndWounded

9 years ago#6
it's 200
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