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Ring for weapon attack scrolls

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User Info: omgairshot

9 years ago#1
They should make it so you can use scrolls on your ring, after it is upgraded. The best idea would be for weapon attack, that way those of us who spent a crapload on a wedding, can have extra damage. I was thinking they could make 10%/30% 60% 70% and 100% scrolls for this. If the dark scroll explodes it, they should make you do some annoying quest to repair your ring that is like if alcaster's and alfonse's quest had a baby, and it grew up and got knocked up by the toy drum quest, and made this quest it's bastard child, something like that, that also charges mesos like shumi's quest just to repair your ring.

More likely, they could make it so if your ring exploded, you would have to pay for a new wedding, since that takes the least amount of effort, and nets the most real money for the company.

I was thinking 10% could give +5 weapon attack, +3 STR, and +1 accuracy, while the 60% gave +2 weapon attack, and +1 STR, and the 100% would be +1 weapon attack.

Would this be a good idea?

User Info: DSdestroyer

9 years ago#2
No. Sins do not need to be any better.
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User Info: omgairshot

9 years ago#3
I was thinking the quest could be something like this. First you go to Moony after you exploded your ring, and he tells you there is a way to revive it, but you will need to gather four fairy ring pieces from the love fairy's on victoria island. The first one will tell you she won't just give out her piece, that you need to prove yourself. She will ask for 5 refined dark crystals, 2 stark rocks, 2 lidiums, and two moonstones. The second fairy will say the same thing, but will ask for 30 drakes bloods, 30 saps of the ancient tree, one glass slipper, and one fairy's honey. The third fairy will ask for one nependeath honey, and 20 desert mists. The fourth fairy will ask you to kill 200 king bloctopusses , 10 chief grays, 50 fire tusks, 200 red drakes, 20 taurospears, 20 tauromacis, and to bring her back 200 dark yeti horns, and 100 dark pepe beaks.

Sounds like good times right. After you do that, Moony will tell you he needs you to talk to Lisa in orbis about who can repair the ring. She sends you to alcaster, who tells you to visit Spiruna. Spiruna directs you to the god of axes, who tells you he knows who can repair the ring, but needs you to prove yourself. He tells you to go kill 100 rashes, and 100 dark rashes. Once you do that he tells you Spindle in omega sector can do it. Spindle tells you he can do it, but he needs 100 screws, 50 luck crystal ores, 50 power crystal ores, 50 wisdom crystal ores, and 50 DEX crystal ores. Once you do all that, you can get a new clean non upgraded ring.

User Info: omgairshot

9 years ago#4
Well that's why the two other stats benefit most classes that aren't sins, aside from mages, but no one cares about them.

User Info: 022494

9 years ago#5

User Info: theotterman

9 years ago#6
Dare not to call yourself human again who are the living link with so much
that brought betrayal and death to its source of life

User Info: DSdestroyer

9 years ago#7
Every time you see me, The Hammer's just so hyped. I'm dope on the floor and I'm magic on the mike. Now why would I ever stop doing this? When others making records that just don't hit. I've toured around the world From London to the Bay. It's Hammer, go Hammer, M.C.Hammer, Yo Hammer And the rest can go and play: You can't touch this.

air, no one likes your trolling, this topic is basically how can we make thieves better than everyone else. No matter how ridiculous thee requirement is, this is a terrible idea.
"I say that rap is not music, nor is 50 Cent: Bulletproof a game. Hell, you'd be generous saying it was an abortion."ShindoKokoro

User Info: Rosencroitz

9 years ago#8
Fail troll is fail.
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User Info: Moar_Sammiches

9 years ago#9
tl;dr lah
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User Info: m0lopo

9 years ago#10

i have decided to forgo all forms of correct punctuation
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