Work Gloves ?

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User Info: PK_Ness

8 years ago#1
Since when did they get so expensive? :O
i checked basil out of curiosity and they go for almost 28 mil x_x
i remember me and my friend were making a bunch of noobs just to do the quest and get some gloves xD, that was wayyyy back though.
So i checked my mule and i still have one pair :o
I've been wanting glitter gloves but i just recently bought my zhelm so I'm poor atm ._.
should i save them and make my own glitter gloves?
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User Info: Sad_Eyed_Lady

8 years ago#2
Gloves going for 28 mil are either being sold by idiots, scrolled for att/matk, or both. `-`
Too weird to live, too rare to die...

User Info: PK_Ness

8 years ago#3
yeah i just checked the fm and alot of those little stores have em for cheap v_v
Brawl : 4940 7651 9244

User Info: ManchineelTree

8 years ago#4
It's not the fact that it's a work glove that makes it expensive, it's the stats on the work glove.

Weapon Attack is the most influential factor in damage, therefore many people scroll their gloves for it. Clean, attackless work gloves are essentially worthless. However, as the attack value goes up, value increases exponentially.

I'll use Khaini rates as an example:
3 att - roughly 1 mil
6 att - 10 mil
9 att - 40 mil
12 att - 160 mil
15 att - 800 mil

A perfect, non-chaosed 21 attack brown work glove would probably be worth 2 characters' inventories of max meso (4.2 billion).
Magez0rzlii - Khaini - 17x Bishop
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