What are some good, high experience quests?

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User Info: Shia

8 years ago#1
Repeatable ones are a bonus.

I wanna use this event to my advantage if possible. :3

User Info: guy_in_crowd

8 years ago#2
Maker Quest gives quite a big bonus. 50,000 at level 45 I believe. Otherwise, do PQ's count? If so, then those.
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User Info: YyAoMmIi

8 years ago#3
any quest that requires you to hunt a boss is always high exp. But there always parts before it, so just do the quest first, then turn it on the event.

User Info: JohN247

8 years ago#4
Area Boss quests and the optional Maker quests.
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User Info: mamodoking

8 years ago#5
Don't know what level you are, but the soul collector isn't to bad and its repeatable. It gives normally 63,000 exp. It can take only about 5 minutes if you're strong enough.
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User Info: ConHuevos

8 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: ConHuevos

8 years ago#7
lita lawless in NLC

rags to riches and fools gold

rags = 100,000 xp repeatable, only 50,000xp when repeated
fools gold = 50,000 xp and 100,000 mesos repeatable, only 25,000 xp when repeated

User Info: Bokothechoco2

8 years ago#8
Time Temple quests.
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User Info: Cookie Bag

Cookie Bag
8 years ago#9
Lita lawless HH and BF quests
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