"You don't have enough in stock?"

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User Info: saxamaphone1000

7 years ago#1
Today, I took a stroll down through the swamps of Kerning City to Tulcus to try and 100% my Crusader Chainmail for Dex. As I went to buy the scrolls (10 of them), a message popped up saying "You don't have enough in stock," and I did not get the scrolls. I tried buying them one at a time, and managed to get seven of them before the message appeared again. What is the message actually saying, and is there anyway to get it to stop appearing so I can get the much needed 3 Dex?
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User Info: 2bphy

7 years ago#2
That happened to me too, but I tried the next day and got my needed scrolls :). Any word on what this is? Glitch?
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User Info: saLUEtes

7 years ago#3
It happens occasionally; try changing channels as that has worked for me each time (though it's only happened twice to me).
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User Info: Maeiv

7 years ago#4
NPCs do not have an unlimited stock of items. They have a finite amount which can eventually run out.

I think it gets restocked every day though, not too sure.
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User Info: NintendoMan099

7 years ago#5
This happened to me when I was recharging my stars. Just change channels and it should work fine.

User Info: Bokothechoco2

7 years ago#6
What Sal and Nintendo said, happened to me once when I was gettings scrolls my level 10 bow.
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