Level 40 Bandit, Training spots?

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User Info: iNinjaAsian

7 years ago#1
i just really want to get to level 50 the fastest, and then to 70. im a dexless bandit, but im not very funded so my all my equips are clean except for my 60 attack korean fan. any insight on where i should train? cpq is getting bored 'cause everyone is trying to trade wins

whats the p/c on a good maple wagner in demethos? and on my korean fan which is 60 att, +4 Luck, +5 acc and +6 avoid?
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User Info: Bokothechoco2

7 years ago#2
CPQ trade wins with rombots is probably the fastest for you, at least until 47-48 or so when you get max SB and a few points of booster. After that, probably MP3.
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