So 60% glove attack scrolls aren't worth anything anymore?

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  3. So 60% glove attack scrolls aren't worth anything anymore?

User Info: CreativeAccount

7 years ago#1
I know, I saw the sticky, and while I know there is a price check board, considering the fact that if you post a topic there you don't get an answer for at least a week, if at all, and the answers you DO get seem to be worthless, I think it's somewhat justified to post here instead.

Anyways a friend told me to do the quest because I really want the 10 million mesos required for the first mount. He told me they were worth 5 million mesos, but when I tried to sell them today the buyer said they were worth 1 million on average. Is this true or was he BSing me?

As an addendum: what are some good ways to earn mesos? I'm already killing Cellions but getting to 10 million with just their drops would take a very, very long time.

User Info: Howatizer

7 years ago#2
The price is about 4-5 million. That guy was just trying to low ball you so he could make a couple million.

User Info: CreativeAccount

7 years ago#3
Ah, great. Thanks!

User Info: darkeric7x7

7 years ago#4
Pretty server dependant though, as on bera they're still 6-7m
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User Info: Lurkerkiller

7 years ago#5
The person you talked to was either one of those people who spam buying scrolls or thinks you are stupid and is a fail merch.
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User Info: AgentParanoia

7 years ago#6
I saw a kid selling a GFA 60% for 1.5m the other day, but I didn't have the heart to scam him, so I told him what it was worth.

Later he sold it for 3m -_-
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7 years ago#7
Definitely server influenced.

Galicia has them for 3m-3.5m easily.

Try checking the stores in FM next time (look for ones that actually sold their scroll that you want to sell and remember the price). You probably won't get the same price by spamming as the price you'd get using a store but its a nice estimate.
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  3. So 60% glove attack scrolls aren't worth anything anymore?

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