Today, I scrolled some Hero Gloves.

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  3. Today, I scrolled some Hero Gloves.

User Info: FlashReturns

7 years ago#1
They began the day as 7 att 5 slot, and following some prompting to finish them in my shop (peppered with profanities, no less), I thought what the hell.

Whut2do now? Sell or Hammer?

Current glove is a 17 att SCG but my main is a BM so this glove is useless for that.

User Info: mateve

7 years ago#2
Go for glory. 30% + Hammers.

User Info: PonyArcade

7 years ago#3
Sell sell sell.
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User Info: AgentParanoia

7 years ago#4
*Looks at his two pairs of 2/7 Ocean Gloves*

But yeah I'd say hammer and throw some 60%s on it if you feel lucky but Pony's probably right in that you should sell it.
You can't run away.
You have pretty much no use for it, so don't bother Hammering it. Just sell it.
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User Info: uLo5e

7 years ago#6
It still won't sell for a lot compared to a normal 15 attack...
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User Info: _Sparki_

7 years ago#7
7 ATT 5 slot = chaosed?
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User Info: FlashReturns

7 years ago#8
Meant to say 5/5, had 7 on the brain for some reason.
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  3. Today, I scrolled some Hero Gloves.

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