does the dragon mir evolve?

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  3. does the dragon mir evolve?

User Info: shadowofcontimv

7 years ago#1
if it does how?

User Info: CmaBoy

7 years ago#2
He "evolves" at certain level milestones, changing form and learning two new skills each time. I don't think you need to do advancement quests either.

User Info: Robtcee13

7 years ago#3
There are no advancement quests, although you must complete the Evan quests to get all your skill points (which, in the end, will add up to enough to max every skill and have some left over). In later evolutions, Mir gets 4 skills at once, but the evolutions are further apart.
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User Info: LostAndWounded

7 years ago#4
Evan's dragon -- obviously, that's the gimmick
Mir / Ruby pets -- don't think so
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  3. does the dragon mir evolve?

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