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User Info: _Sparki_

6 years ago#1
I see a ton of topics here everyday about training places. So I decided to help out this GFAQs community with some training areas.

Level 1-10.
Do I really need to explain this? Follow your class quests from the start.

Level 10-20
- Blue Ribbon Pigs. They're just to the right of the Nautilus. There's a "Blue Ribbon Pig Beach"
-Side Note: I do hear that Zombie Mush and such are a decent alternative, but I have no idea where the maps containing them are nowadays.

Level 20-25ish.
- Stone Golems. They're to the right of Henesys, and down a bit. A large map, and requires a bit of jumping, but EXP is great.

Level 25-30
- Split Golems. They're right above Stone Golems. They're better for the longer ranged classes.
- Zombie Lupins. Take Ellinia's top right portal, and keep heading up. "Cursed Forest: Dark Tree Forest" is the best map from my personal experience. You may miss, but the EXP and spawn is great.

Level 30-40ish
- Mushking Area. You can follow the quests for great EXP, and a +2 all medal. Grinding on Helmet/ Spear pepe's is also effective. You will be given a quest at level 30 to be automatically taken there.

Level 40-50ish
- CD's. They're located in Kerning Mall. Take the subway on the far left of Kerning City, and take the escalators all the way up to the top. Flat map, great spawn.
- CPQ. Another alternative is CPQ. Just ask for a rombot grinding party, and you're set. At level 40+, you can get over a level per PQ with max rombots + Speed and a good mob attack. I recommend doing rombot grinds at 43+. You will miss too much if you try it closer to 40.

Level 50-55ish
- Drakes. They're located in Sleepywood. There's a minidungeon of them, so getting a map is easy. They also drop steelys like hotcakes.

Level 55-60ish
- Trojans. They're in Ludi. Go into the Clocktower, and head left from Teddies. Long flat map, good spawn.
- Scarecrows. These guys are in NLC's Haunted Mansion. Head up from the entrance to the top and press up on the fireplace. Take the springs up, and there will be a map in the middle of it. At the top, is Jesters.

Level 60-65
- Robos. They're also in Ludi. Just head down from Teddies. The map "Toy Factory: Apparatus Room" has great spawn.

Level 65-70ish
- Zeta Greys. They're in Omega. Just head left from Omega, and you should be able to find them in Kulan Field III.
- Mateons. Also in Omega, There's 2 flat maps full of them.
- Puppets. They're in the Leben Mines, I think. I guess you have to do a quest to get to them, like kill 90 of them, but you don't turn in the quest? It'd be great if someone could clear this up for me. :)

Level 70-75
- Sand Rats. Located in Magatia. Take the Genie from Orbis to Ariant, and take the portal second from the far right. Take the camel to Ariant, then take the portal under the Free Market and go Left.
- Chronos. These are located in Ludi. Go down about 3 maps from Teddies and take a left.
- Twisted Jesters. These are right above Scarecrows in NLC's haunted mansion. Great EXP for post BB.

DJMP3. >:3

User Info: _Sparki_

6 years ago#2
Level 75-80
- Twisted Jesters. These are still great.
- Scorpions. They're right next to sand rats. Flat maps.
- Straw Training Dummies. They're right of Mu Lung. Again, flat maps with good spawn.

Level 80-85
- Iron Mutaes. These are in Magatia. Go to the right of town, and inside the house.
- Vikerola. I believe these are still decent after the nerf. They're just before gallopera in Kampung, which you can get to by talking to the NPC with a scooter in CBD (Singapore)
- MP3. Far Right of Singapore, then Right of the Boat Quay Town.

Level 85-90
- MP3 should still be going strong.
- Roids in Magatia, are right next to Iron Mutaes.

Level 95-100
- Gallopera. Even with the nerf, the EXP and spawn of galloperas are still great. Right of Kampung.
- MP3. Might be getting slow, but should still be decent.
- Alligators. These are near Mu Lung, a bit closer to Herb Town. They're alright.

Level 100-110
- Roids are still decent.
- Gallops are still decent
- Pirates. From Herb Town, Head 3 maps left. Go up to the cage in the top left corner of the map, then go one map right. This is Red Nosed Pirate Den 2. In my experience, I like this map better than the minidungeon in the same map. Spawn and EXP is great.

Level 110-120
- Pirates are decent until level 120.
- Vikings. All the way down on the left side of Ludi Clocktower. At level 119, these are decent around level 116 or so.
- Kents. You can get to kents at level 115 or so. They're located in the centerpart of Leafre. All 3 colors are great. These are great for mages or elemental damage. Blue, Red and Dark are all weak to Fire, Ice, and Holy respectively.

Level 120+
- Gigantic Vikings. The map is located on the top left of the vikings map. Great map, top to bottom teleporters.
- Grim Phantom Watches. The map is on the right bottom side of the Phantom watches map in Ludi. Level 124, Nice map layout, top to bottom teleporter.
- Werewolves/ Lycanthropes. These are level 127 and 129. They're located in El Nath. Best way to get there is to take the Black Taxi, go past the NPC, and up about 4 or 5 maps. These maps all have top and bottom teleporters and great spawn.
- Red Dragon Turtles - These are in leafre. Take the black taxi, and go one map ->. The spawn is decent, and they also drop MW20 from what i hear.

Level 130+
Wyverns. Located in Leafre. Again for mages, these are elemental weak just like Kents. There are specific color maps for the Blue and the Red.
Bains. From showa, talk to the NPC next to the portal heading to FM and head to the hideout. Go all the way left. Long, flat map, decent spawn, good for 133+.
Rextons. More Leafre goodness. Take the Black Taxi, and walk left. Decent map with some teleporters.

- Ending notes:

If you don't like missing a bit or think you aren't strong enough, just train a few more levels at the monsters you were already training on. For example. You're level 104. You want to go to pirates, but you don't like missing on the level 108 pirates. Train at MP3 or Roids a few more levels.

If you have other experiences with other maps yourself, please tell me. I'm sure I missed a bunch of nice maps, but I haven't really explored a lot of the Post- BB maps.

Last but not least, maybe we can sticky this.

Hope this helps.

- Sparki
DJMP3. >:3

User Info: AbsolutelyAlex

6 years ago#3
Streetlight Row somewhere around Edelstein is good mid-20's.

Also, if you're a WH, you can begin doing rom grinds at mid 30's.

Good guide. I didn't know zombie lupins were good exp now.

User Info: Juicii

6 years ago#4
Thank you, this is an awesome guide.

User Info: DavidBoreanaz

6 years ago#5
Nice guide, sticky requested.

User Info: Taiketo

6 years ago#6
mp3 stuff is 93 max.. and it's one of maybe 3 maps in the game that's completely full even during dead time

good luck going at 7x
Is it elitist to crave efficiency?

User Info: AnimaI

6 years ago#7
Do the zeta greys or mateons fly around?
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User Info: DavidBoreanaz

6 years ago#8
Only the Zetas fly.

User Info: Mufufu_Master

6 years ago#9
Nice. Sticky requested.

=============To get back into puppets===========

Forfeit the quest, retake it, and enter Francis' room again. If it's still locked, then cc and it ought to work.
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User Info: Summokelp

6 years ago#10
Instead of robos master-robos are better IMO on the room 3 place, not sure what the exact map is called but theres 2 plats & bottom and you basically cycle through, was way faster then apparatus for me
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