Most OP/Fastest leveling class right now?

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User Info: MrGible

6 years ago#21

From: EmpyrealMagician | #018
Spinder1, is your post for rizzle?

In your 40s you can get 100% of a level in 10 min? And supposedly DW is even faster than what you posted?

Wtf when did this happen? I haven't played pretty much since beta ended. I played up till 35-40 or so 1-2 years ago, but besides that I haven't played much at all.

Wild Hunters get a level and a half at CPQ
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User Info: kaptanekrunch

6 years ago#22
strikers for shark throwing
SMs for soul driver >:(
they level about the same though
ks the same too
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User Info: _Moonlight

6 years ago#23
Oh, I also want a cheap character since I have no money mesoz
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User Info: Spark_Flash

6 years ago#24

From: kaptanekrunch | #022
ks the same too

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User Info: sakuraarts

6 years ago#25
Battle mage

at level 163 they can use the elemental staff 7

... not only they can attack incredibly fast with it but the damage is just insane!
they can annihilate with pwnzors !
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User Info: Howatizer

6 years ago#26
Dawn Warrior hands down, mine is just 4 days old and I am lvl 88 and I have been working full-time shifts everyday.
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TenshouKairekiJin 6 years ago#27
I haven't played all the classes, but I made a DW early yesterday and it's level 82 today. After I advanced at 70, I logged in on an empty jesters map and hit 80 before the login bell sound effect ended. One-shotting 8 jesters at once spamming what's basically a full-screen aoe is silly.
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User Info: _Moonlight

6 years ago#28
Ok, DW it is.

What is a good noob server? Poking around this board, it seems there is a recently new server. Is that a good place to start? And is it still hard to get started from 0 money-wise without buying cash shop items, or do they help you out a bit now?
I watch you while you sleep
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