Maplestory No Disk Error

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User Info: Awesome_Spheal

6 years ago#1
So, recently, I've been having this error where I run Maplestory, and then there's an error that tells me basically, that "there is no disk in the disk drive, and it tells me to insert a disk into that drive." Then, maplestory freezes and shuts down. I've read that some other people have had this problem, but no one's been able to fix it. I'm not even able to run maplestory now. I did not download maplestory or anything from a disk.

I recently reinstalled Maplestory (v.96 game client), and everything worked fine for a few days, but then this error happened. I've heard people say that you need to delete the nexon registry key first after installing or something, and making sure that anything that the game might be trying to access is not blocked. I've tried toggling firewalls and anti-virus programs, but that hasn't worked. So, how can I delete the registry key and check if any game files are being blocked?

Has anyone here had that problem?

Thank you!
That was Rayquaza? I thought it was Metal Seadramon. ichigo_bleach on Rayquaza in SSE

User Info: Theivey3

6 years ago#2
Reinstall again? Idk
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