Is anyone else still experiencing excruciating town lag?

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  3. Is anyone else still experiencing excruciating town lag?

User Info: pholicious

6 years ago#1
It seems to be a problem with the bigger towns like Henesys and Orbis. The framerate becomes agonizingly slow and it takes a ton of effort just to move my cursor to wherever on the screen. Moving my character around is nearly impossible due to the lag.

I remember this issue started just after the BB patch and back then I was pretty much frozen in the towns. It's a little better now but it's still s*** lag.

Well after some quick research Gaga and Cassandra seem to be the cause. Mother****ers.
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TenshouKairekiJin 6 years ago#2
Yeah, I don't expect Nexon is planning to fix that. I talked to the Edelstein weapon vendor today and it froze my game completely for 30 seconds before the shop window opened. This game uses 100x the resources it should.
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User Info: ICXCIX

6 years ago#3
The lag seem to be cause by some invisible objects in towns.

If you ever played on a somewhat older computer then you will know that the first 10 or so secs of a PQ is the most laggy as the game have to load all of the player skills and the monster skills.

In Hens you can walk to the very right sometimes to find no lag but then walk to the left to find an "aggro line" of some kind that cause major lag once you enter...You can walk in and out of the area to see that something that was stuck in middle of most towns is causing the lag. So this have nothing to do with RAM or virtual memory, there simply a lag causing object in middle of most towns.

I guessing it is some kind of feature that was poorly stuck in for the GMs to use like monster summoning. Anyway to answer the question it would be a yes for me. It seem to effect some computers more then others.

It seem that older servers like Windia is somehow better then newer servers like El Nido. Lift Harbor is unplayable in El Nido where when I created my warrior in Windia he got off of the boat peacefully.

So in short: Yes it still exist and older servers seem to be better for those who having this problem.

User Info: Spark_Flash

6 years ago#4
it's lmost exclusively an xp problem, if that's not your os then idk what the deal is
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User Info: Ephemeral_Being

6 years ago#5
Sparky, it's not XP. My 32 bit Vista hangs almost to crashing in Perion.
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User Info: Muffinz0rz

6 years ago#6
My biggest issue is the left half of kerning by Cassandra and Gaga.
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User Info: CmaBoy

6 years ago#7
I agree with the Cassandra and Gaga thing, it seems to be broken event NPC's that are causing the problem. But of course since they're constantly tweaked with each patch and new event, they're never reliably fixed. :/

I wonder if there's a way to get around the issue by editing "Npc.wz" or something. I mean, I don't condone hacking or messing with game code to get ahead, but it's kind of pathetic when a game is so broken you'd need third party work just to make it function right. Packet blocking to prevent d/c hacks comes to mind.

User Info: Ephemeral_Being

6 years ago#8
Honestly, I have no clue what would fix it. I just know I can only shop in towns like Leafre and Kerning, in which the shops are in a building.
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User Info: Zandor_12

6 years ago#9
Town lag is fairly minor for me so I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. My weakness is Channel 1 Free Market; if I try to go in there my computer slows down to about 1 frame per 2 minutes. If I want to go to say CH1FM7 I have to go to CH2FM7 first then switch over. Which is ridiculous since each core on this dual-core laptop is significantly faster than the single processor on my previous laptop which could handle CH1 Free Market just fine.
TenshouKairekiJin 6 years ago#10
^ Yeah, I don't know why FM1 is so horribly laggy. My pc gets 1 frame there. Only one frame, ever, and then I have to end process Maple. I can handle a bajillion people clumped together spamming @ symbols in every other game just fine; Maple is the only one that crashes. I think it may be the most inefficiently coded game I've ever played, and I've played nearly all of them over the last 25 years.
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  3. Is anyone else still experiencing excruciating town lag?

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