[STICKY] Post-Chaos Training Spot Guide

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    azn_riza_000 posted...
    Sal has a point here. And as it stands, you can't judge which area is good at LHC because of your damage range, seeing as every class has different multipliers for weapons and skills and what may be a good range for one class would be piss poor for another.
    When it comes down to it, once you reach around 16X, Crockies just give crap %/hour even with HS and so Bearwolves is the place to go unless you want about 6-7% per hour at 16X (@ Crockies) where you could get 15-20% at Bearwolves.

    That's why I'm hoping the guide creator can explain exactly what he means. Of course, given that he totally ignored the question and only responds to those praising him, I think it kind of makes it clear that he has no idea and included it without reading or understanding it.

    Another reason why this guide shouldn't be given any credit post 105, and hopefully can be renamed as such.
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