is Smithing worth it?

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User Info: Endgame

5 years ago#1
my Cannon Shooter has Herbalism and Alchemy, and my Mercedes has Mining and Accessory Crafting

Alchemy and Accessory Crafting produce things you can't get anywhere else, but as far as I know, Smithing just gives you things that can be found from drops with the exception of the Timeless weapons, and the 130 and 140 equipment drops from bosses anyway (and since I have no intention of spending money on the game, I doubt I'll ever get accepted into a Cygnus party)

granted that I have no intention of playing human peasant archers, Assassin, or Gunslinger, would it be worth it for me to make an alt for Smithing?
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User Info: GeminiDeus

5 years ago#2
Smithing and Accessory crafting are more useful than Alchemy. Some of the most useful Alchemy potions have 1-day only recipes, meaning you need to gather all the items needed within 24 hours and make as many as you can, which usually is not a lot. For example, a month or so ago, a friend of mine made +27 LUK potions for me, but each one potion cost so many materials of rare items, he was only capable of making a handful, like 12. Potions also don't last long, 2 hours at most, and with the instability of the game, you really don't want a potion to go to waste if you disconnect.

Items created through Smithing or Accessory crafting will last as long as you want it to or until you blow it up. They're just more useful professions in the long run.
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User Info: SSj7CloudS

5 years ago#3
Smithing is good for if nothing else, crafting something for a slot if you just need something equipped as a placeholder while you're out hunting for a better replacement. If you don't care about that though or don't plan to go hardcore with it then you can pretty much ignore it, you've got a lot more options to get around what you could otherwise get from smithing.

It's what I like about accessory crafting, a lot more useful items I didn't have before and it isn't nearly as costly to level to max.
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User Info: Spark_Flash

5 years ago#4
Smithing is worth it to make Androids and Hearts. Even if you yourself have no desire to be cool and use an Android, you can always sell them and the Hearts for a profit.

Aside from that, I find Accessory Crafting to be the superior profession.
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