Your logic for choosing your current favorite class?

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User Info: Irony_Hades

5 years ago#1
Note the keyword favorite. Don't necessary have to be your main or even a class that you even have at the moment.

Reminder of the current classes:

Bow Master
F/P Arch Mage
I/L Arch Mage
Night Lord
Dark Knight

Special Adventurer
Blade Lord


Battle Mage
Wild Hunter

Special Resistance
Demon Slayer

Cygnus Knight
Blaze Wizard
Dawn Warrior
Night Walker
Thunder Breaker
Wind Archer

Special Cygnus Knight

For me I want to be able to reach the level cap so Cygnus are out though Mihile is special and still in.

I only care for the Demon Slayer as for the Resistance though I hate how he skip his early levels on the tutorial. Those levels would been useful for guild stuff. Mech while old now and not as cool as during the first release is still on my list.

I hate all of the Legends and I doubt Phantom would be any different.

Hate all of the special adventurers period.

I only like the warrior line on adventurers though I/L mage is still on my list.

So in this order for me:
Demon Slayer
Dark Knight
I/L Mage
Hero and Paladin are about even, I would have to look at the skills at the time.

General notes:
-Hate charging/buying bullets and arrows.
-Hate classes that can't take a hit.
-Hate classes that cost NX to complete.
-Usually hate classes with a totally random story and happen to be the class of the month. Demon Slayer ended up being pretty fun when MP is something you can totally ignore.
-I love the warrior line and if I were to make a CK then it would be a Dawn Warrior no questions asked.
-I love passive skills more then action skills. Demon Slayer is one of the few where I can spam the default attack casually and still do some damage.

So those things help to factor what class I will be using at any given time. I/L mage and Mech pretty much only exist for when I get bored of my warrior classes.
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User Info: KaosMKVIII

5 years ago#2
mercedes because i go real fast and move up ladders real fast

kaiser when it comes out bcause grimdark and edgy
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User Info: Smartz00

5 years ago#3
Angelic Burster, because despite being unfunded I do a crap ton of damage, plus levelling was pretty fast to me.
Luminous because its kind of fun alternating between one skill and another, but only have it at 3rd job so far.
Phantom, because for some reason its gameplay feels smooth to me and I have a choice of skills.
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User Info: arcnova

5 years ago#4
still so OP
self HS
high crit/avoid rate
fast attacking
pompous ******bag
oh, and SO EFFING OP
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User Info: pikmintaro

5 years ago#5

Because I can and it's free
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User Info: KungFuBlaziken2

5 years ago#6
Night Lord and DK. Bcos names sound epicly aweshum.

User Info: boogerman123

5 years ago#7
BattleMage, playstyle is fun as hell
Aura stacking=hnnnnnggg
I just like the name period
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User Info: Hydrox_Z

5 years ago#8
i really like hanging on ropes

User Info: RedYoshi27

5 years ago#9
Strong warriors without blowing tons of money on the game
straight forward
Combo Attack
Fitting for me

I love bows
Archery is fun
Hurripain ftw
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User Info: Bokothechoco2

5 years ago#10
Mercedes because range and
From: KaosMKVIII | #002
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