Tempest update notes

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User Info: FolkenRawr

5 years ago#1

Pretty lackluster, but what can you do?
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User Info: YyAoMmIi

5 years ago#2
I thought we get Luminous this patch. Thus the lack of luster you mentioned.
Maybe nexon was smart and goes: Wait, if we change the levels for job, everything going be iffy. Let take thing slow because of that.

IDK why they removed RLH this soon though....

User Info: Phainopepla

5 years ago#3
It's getting official-y business out of the way. Everyone's gotta reset almost all their characters.

I'm liking the change to Azwan, though. I was at level 63 honor prior to this patch, so I'm almost sure I'll have level 70+ after. With the circulators I was saving I'm looking at 20 special circulators to fiddle with, plus getting new ones isn't going to suck.

User Info: YyAoMmIi

5 years ago#4
You sure level Would change? I'm thinking your current level would be the same, but it would just be easier to grain level.

Oh note:
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User Info: SpiceBro

5 years ago#5
The Azwan changes seem a bit pointless to me right now since KMS current / next patch is going to revamp it again making the ability lines unlocked through quests.

User Info: Techino10

5 years ago#6
They only reset SP and not AP?
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User Info: michael_k1d

5 years ago#7
Techino10 posted...
They only reset SP and not AP?

Gotta make you spend your Nx somehow, Hint: it starts with A and ends in Pee resets.
My whole brain is crying!

User Info: basakboy

5 years ago#8
reset ap


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