Good Pot?

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User Info: gameraz

4 years ago#1
What is the Pot. everyone got on their Dogma Cap?
Mine was amazingly INT+6% X 2 and LUK+9% (a bit lame... wish the 9% was on INT)
BUT STILL its good! I'm used to "HP+30" or smth like that!
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User Info: arcnova

4 years ago#2
int 6%
5% chance to ignore 40% damage when getting my ass kicked
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User Info: memphisox

4 years ago#3
9% MP
6% Dex
On my mage....
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User Info: MonkeySeraph

4 years ago#4
arcnova posted...
int 6%
5% chance to ignore 40% damage when getting my ass kicked

argh this what i got except 6% luck.
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User Info: JetAurion

4 years ago#5
6% M. DEF
Skill levels +2
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User Info: GeminiDeus

4 years ago#6
Recovery items and skills +30%
6% DEX...

Wearing a full Black Mesoranger set gives me higher damage, anyway.
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User Info: Yokote_Yamiuchi

4 years ago#7
I got Decent Mystic Door
20% chance to ignore 26 damage.
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User Info: kirbydude385

4 years ago#8
+6% STR (lul.........)


+1 Skill point
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User Info: Gannondorf 23

Gannondorf 23
4 years ago#9
Comes Unique? That's pretty swell.

I got 9% STR, 6% HP, but my Advanced Awakening Stamp worked on it (from one of the event boxes that drop). Got come +M.Def (Rare) on it too now.
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User Info: Frarffy

4 years ago#10
Mine has Decent Mystic Door! pretty cool for free

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