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User Info: gameraz

4 years ago#1
My Demon Slayer has 5 DEX due to a past mistake with Auto Assign (I had like gazlion DEX bonuses and I Auto Assigned for like 30 lvls, for the last one I didnt notice and accepted a +1 DEX).

My Fire Mage has 81 LUK. Cuz it was my first char.

Question is... Should I use the AP reset scroll on my DS or my mage?

I WILL go back to DS once he will be re-buffed back to heaven, but 1 point in DEX will NOT be the end of him. I mean, it's like, what, +10 to my MAX dmg? No big deal.

I MAY come back on my fire mage, but even if I do its only to have some nostalgia, not to actualy train it.

I'm torn because a free AP doesn't come every day, and this is a good chance to "correct" my mage, but its also a chance to correct my DS.

What to do? I'm leaning towards my DS. Better use 1 point than not using 77.
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User Info: Yokote_Yamiuchi

4 years ago#2
Apparently there's another hot time on December 16th, December 22nd, and January 12th that all give AP resets, so choose whichever one you want to currently use.
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User Info: Dawngarde

4 years ago#3
And if you REALLY wanted to, you can outright buy a full AP reset (or even just one regular AP reset to reset that one point of Dex, and then use the full AP reset on your Mage) in the Cash Shop.
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User Info: YyAoMmIi

4 years ago#4
If it 5 DEX, then it doesn't matter.
By lv 200, you have enough points for 999 in your main stat, in this case str.
You would also have 19 points left over that you can't put anywhere else as 999 ix max.

Infact, since dex does affect damage compared to other stats, you may be putting that 19 point into dex anyways.

Go with your mage.
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