Angelic Buster coming pre-nerfed?

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User Info: emagdnE

4 years ago#1
in case you haven't heard yet, CMST got the next big update before KMST even did, new bosses, giant ****ing annoying worm that keeps on burrowing then popping back up and does more damage than most classes can even take, etc., check Orange Mushroom's blog

well, anyway, they also have our changes to Luminous and EMS' changes to Kaiser (yeah, Kaiser gets changes too!)

but most importantly, they have changes to Angelic Buster, and she starts out weaker than she is on KMS right now

Pythagoras of South Perry listed them:

Soul Seeker
KMS: Damage: 420% -> 320%, chance to atttack one more: 80% -> 70%, Recharge chance: 40% -> 30%
CMSt: Damage: 420% -> 300%, chance to atttack one more: 80% -> 60%, Recharge chance: 40%

Primal Roar
KMS: Damage: 1100% -> 1000%, Recharge chance: 50% -> 40%
CMSt: Damage: 1100% -> 670%, Recharge chance: 50%

KMS: Damage: 1600%, Damage boost: 10% -> 5%, stacking up to 6 times, Recharge chance: 40% ->50%
CMSt: Damage: 1600% -> 1060%, Damage boost: 10% , stacking up to 4 times, Recharge chance: 40%

Affinity I
KMS : Speed increased by 40%, Jump increased by 20%
CMSt: Speed increased by 40 -> 20%, Jump increased by 20%

Affinity II
KMS: passive status and elemental resistance increase: 40% , damage increase: 20% -> removed
CMSt: passive status and elemental resistance increase: 40 -> 10%, damage increase: 20% -> removed

Affinity III
KMS: Dex increase: 40, damage increase: 30% -> 20%
CMSt: Dex increase: 40 -> 20, damage increase 30% -> 10%

Affinity IV
KMS: damage buff 50% -> 30%
CMSt: damage buff 50% -> 30% (they get the nerf earlier)

well, I'm disappointed, I was looking forward to getting a taste of power for the first time, not spending any money on the game and all (even unfunded, she was allegedly incredibly powerful on KMS)

furthermore, this does raise the question as to how the hell one is supposed to beat Magnus Hard Mode on GMS, since the battle was obviously designed around pre-nerf Angelic Buster
I've never seen anything this beautiful in the entire galaxy... All right, give me the bomb. -Ultra Magnus

User Info: CHS_RICH

4 years ago#2
Magnus isn't a problem for a group of players so don't sweat it. Now if your goal was to solo, different story

User Info: Howatizer

4 years ago#3
Uh nerfed AB is still very OP... the pre nerf AB was just stupid strong in comparison to all the other classes.

Max damage Siege Mechanic took 14 seconds to solo Zak and I think the majority here probably have seen the infamous 1.7 second AB solo of Zakum...
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