Grats on 200 Satomi

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User Info: Wafles_

4 years ago#11
So the game has gotten even easier, eh?
Diablo3: Wafles#1820

User Info: YyAoMmIi

4 years ago#12
TBH, it Wayy to easy compared to your time, that it not fun. Seeing people get to 200 in a Day, or 156 on a class they don't care about....

Howatizer posted...
saLUEtes posted...
Howatizer posted...

Do you seriously have such little respect for your friends that you'll try and turn their celebration topic into a (completely unnecessary) flame war?

I barely know OP, yet I have enough respect for his moment that I will not be posting again in this topic as you evidently will try to make his thread about you.

lol. Game, set and match.

Stop poking on Sal. You are the one who started it this time.
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