Dragon Knights: SP build?

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User Info: VergilNamodo

4 years ago#1
Which path do you normally take? - Results (12 votes)
Max everything but Buster and ER
66.67% (8 votes)
Max everything but Endure and ER
8.33% (1 votes)
Max both, drop something else entirely
8.33% (1 votes)
Some other combination (specify)
16.67% (2 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Reading that Buster isn't as good post-Tempest, but Endure just seems meh to me. I do understand the point of Magic Crash, so unless I'm convinced otherwise it stays.
"Well the storylines will be the same then as they are now; we repeat them every six months." - Michael Cole, Byte This! 12/14/05

User Info: Rosencroitz

4 years ago#2
For every job that requires unmaxed skills, if the attacking skills get replaced and aren't needed for prerequisite purposes, you leave them at 1 and max the things that will always be useful. It's common sense.
All hail the king, for the king is here.
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