Old school Maplestory (2005, 2006, 2007) Question

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User Info: Shado Man

Shado Man
4 years ago#51
JohN247 posted...
Shado Man posted...
Hey Para. Yes, I came back to MS about 7 months ago.

On Bera?

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User Info: RPGs R Awesome

RPGs R Awesome
4 years ago#52
Oh hai errbody. Still playing on Khaini, just started there when I came back like two weeks ago or whatever and I've already accumulated like 1.8b mesos. And I have my highest level character ever now (a level 76 Crusader). awww yeah.

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User Info: SBelmont33

4 years ago#53
Here's old school. This was way back when Cash Shop was in beta, a friend gifted me NX. (Also note my crappy video card causing Orbis to have a pink/purple background)


When hitting 50 was a big deal

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User Info: JohN247

4 years ago#54
I'm pretty sad everyone else is playing in a different world. ;;

I may try to hit 200 soon. Currently 171 on Phantom.
Guild Wars 2: Jedwardian

User Info: spartanO89

4 years ago#55
Wow I remember those days, I just picked it up again, I was Zancorro on Bera. Just started playing again after a few years (stopped in 08). Everything is so different now, I remember when it took FOREVER to get to 50-60 and you ussually had a decent amount of fame from other players since it took work. Now I see lv 120 plus players walking around without any fame to their name because its that easy to lv. I restarted 3 days ago and Im 70+.
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User Info: sauceje

4 years ago#56
I see there are some people here.

User Info: FolkenRawr

4 years ago#57
Where?! <_< >_>
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User Info: 7Precision

4 years ago#58
We should keep this topic going so whenever old players/friends come back they can see this topic and reminisce!
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User Info: JohN247

4 years ago#59
To 500!

Or 250. Whatever the new level cap is.
Guild Wars 2: Jedwardian

User Info: Hunter Sopko

Hunter Sopko
4 years ago#60
This topic makes me nostalgia hard about my old windia buddies. After our guild disbanded we all went out separate ways too different servers, and now doubtful they'll return.

I know what you mean, dude.

Hubris 4ever.
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