Giving away a 196 DEXLESS Night Lord in Scania to someone who'll appreciate it.

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  3. Giving away a 196 DEXLESS Night Lord in Scania to someone who'll appreciate it.

User Info: Shibiscuit

4 years ago#1
I've played maplestory for years, and I've decided it's time to move on and grow up. I started in middle school, when it was still owned by Wizet and it had the shiny blue & gold cursor. Killing slimes and mushrooms in that one giant tree map was extremely fun, and my friends played with me too, so it was a huge part of my childhood.
Eight years later, as a sophomore in college, I've come to realize that the game is no longer fun. It's plagued with hackers, hipsters, annoying children, and just nothing enjoyable. You have to buy NX to have a good time. I logged in for the first time and saw that someone had hacked my account and taken my VIP claw. Please keep this in mind if you're still interested. I'm not sure if the norm is to buy those item locks these days, but I was a low profile gamer so I have no idea how that happened. You should probably change the PIN regularly these days.

I'm giving away a Scania 196 Night Lord with royal hair and eyes that are both white, a permanent Jr. Reaper pet, blahblah.
The skills have all been reset for some reason, so you have about 570 skill points to spend. You can basically max everything, but I'd still be smart about getting the 4th job skills.
I'm not sure about the stats, but since I was able to equip some items, I'm assuming they weren't reset.
The character has about 300 mil on it too. It's not stripped completely, it just doesn't have a weapon, and is on the rankings. The name is a code for a color (Kind of like 00AA00, if you get the idea)

With that said, I'm giving away my account to someone who I think will appreciate it the way I did eight years ago. Times have changed, but so have the people accordingly. If you're interested, all you have to do is tell me about yourself and why you want this.
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User Info: a5ny5

4 years ago#2
i want this so i can say i have a 196 NL

User Info: a5ny5

4 years ago#3
i was also an orphan and my foster parents died in a car accident and i have kidney cancer i think i deserve this account

User Info: a5ny5

4 years ago#4
im also paraplegic

User Info: Shibiscuit

4 years ago#5

Looks like my VIP claw was duped. Guess nobody hacked it.
Chivalry is what women call the convenient side of double standards.

User Info: ultimalegion

4 years ago#6
I'm, like yourself, a long-time Maplestory player, started playing back in the Beta, when getting to level 30 took days, 3rd jobs werent around yet.

I'm not sure in which grade I was, but it was some time before I got into college, right now I have finished my career in Graphic Design, I'm also working part-time as a teacher at The Anglo Mexican Foundation. I'm not entirely anti-social, but there are few people I like to be with/talk with other than my girlfriend and a few friends.

Pretty much the only games I play at the moment are Maplestory, Halo 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Ni no Kuni, eagerly waiting for Fire Emblem: Awakening and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (just god done beating Paper Mario: Sticker Star to pave the way for Fire Emblem goodness).

I'm also in the process of drawing all my maplestory chars with non-SD proportions, I have every character to fourth job (including sub-classes) except Sniper (crossbowman).

There's a drawing of one.
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User Info: Dawngarde

4 years ago#8
I've never had a high leveled Thief before and I want to try one out and do high leveled Thief things. On top of that, they're at the perfect level to try out Hyper Skills once they arrive.
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User Info: GeminiDeus

4 years ago#9
This topic so totally reminds me of Beta and early "Official" MS.
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User Info: JohN247

4 years ago#10
asenys should totally get it.
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