Giving away a 196 DEXLESS Night Lord in Scania to someone who'll appreciate it.

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  3. Giving away a 196 DEXLESS Night Lord in Scania to someone who'll appreciate it.

User Info: Slasher900

4 years ago#11
Let's see I've only played scania since I started. I don't have any real reasons that you should give me the account. But I'm a true Scanian and I enjoy the NL class. I do have a NL myself and Ironically have leveled 3-5 Sins to hermits for friends since beta... I would appreciate it as well. I'd probably end up getting it to 200 and possibly 250 when the level cap raises. Anyway its upto you what you do.
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User Info: _Sparki_

4 years ago#12
I just came back to MS two weeks ago, although I've been having fun on my shadower. I'm sure I would take care of your account, should you find me suitable. I've been playing on Scania since the beginning of time.
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User Info: blackchoaslotus

4 years ago#13
i am new to maplestory but started playing in january i am start to like playing this game i play everyday i would appreciate you character just as you appreciate yours

User Info: xIIpicardIIx

4 years ago#14
I played around the same time as you, quit since then. A strong character to explore all these new areas would be awesome.

That's pretty much all my intentions >_>
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User Info: Grey_37

4 years ago#15
I played about the same time as you ol' chap, but quit when my account was hacked and cleaned of items lolsh. (My snowboard collection... ;_; )

But anywhoo, I haven't played in like, forever and have no idea what most of this new shtuff is. I forgot my password and the email I put in to recover the password doesn't work so YARG! Might as well try dish shtuff oot.
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User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
4 years ago#16
So much fake humility in this thread.

Hopefully the OP can see through it.

User Info: a5ny5

4 years ago#17
i like how lurkers come out of the woodworks as soon as a giveaway topic is created

User Info: Slasher900

4 years ago#18
I'd share it with you sparki lol
I play video games.

User Info: KungFuBlaziken2

4 years ago#19
Lol this topic.

User Info: TossLing_Dave

4 years ago#20
Well, I came to the maplestory forum because a friend of mine wants me to try out the game.

He currently has a level 183 whatever the ninja thing is on a different server. And it seems fun.

If you don't mind me asking, can I please have this account to try out the game so I know what the high level stuff is like once me and him get to those levels? (Or at least I can play a high level character to see if I like the way it plays)
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  3. Giving away a 196 DEXLESS Night Lord in Scania to someone who'll appreciate it.

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