Just tried Extalia for the first time. It feels like cheating.

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  3. Just tried Extalia for the first time. It feels like cheating.

User Info: CmaBoy

4 years ago#1
And no, not because of the higher rates. Not because of Cash items dropping from mobs. Not because I have to fight to find a map I can train decently on.

But because somehow, they've managed to optimize the game better than the official GMS staff is apparently capable of doing, and thus fix all of the godawful issues with town lag, mob lag, client start-up time, random disconnections, etc. that I've had for the last however many patches.

There's still just a slight amount of server lag (which is to be expected), but for the first time in a long time, the game runs perfectly smoothly on my machine. This alone automatically makes the game dozens of times more playable and enjoyable.

Just...how? How is it that for many people, you can't even walk through an empty town on GMS without locking up, yet no other version (including unofficial ones) has this problem or anything similar on the very same systems?

So, rant topic I guess, but I thought it was interesting. As much as I dislike PS's, GMS doesn't seem to care enough to touch the code beyond haphazard copypasting any time soon, and the only other official English server to my knowledge is on the other side of the world...

On a side note to anyone who's played EMS, how is the latency and economy compared to GMS?
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User Info: Cornwallace

4 years ago#2
Latency is nonexistent for me, but I can't compare it to GMS, haven't played on that in a very long time.

The economy has been good. Lots of basis around buying NX, prices don't fluctuate.
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User Info: andy123123

4 years ago#3
i play extalia. other than the random rollbacks every now and then it's been pretty great. currently a level 142 corsair. having a lot of fun :P
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User Info: GeminiDeus

4 years ago#4
I'd forgotten all about Extalia. Last time I played there were certain mechanics from GMS that they still haven't implemented; simple things like the Ardentmill revamp and more herb/mining gardens, certain traits from being raised at all, and some more which I've likely forgotten about by now. I tried accessing their site yesterday, but none of them worked. I guess they're still targets of DDOS?
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User Info: Zeekfox

4 years ago#5
Dunno. The game's been attack-free for months. Though I haven't been ingame much recently, I usually at least browse the forums quickly.

There are pros and cons to Extalia. Besides the obviousness of not needing to pay for NX and having a client that doesn't disconnect so much, Extalia tends to have better spawn rates in general and doesn't make you wait on those stupid ship rides.

Though there's a bit that's missing or denied from being added to Extalia. You can't get legendary grade potential, additional potential, nebulites, or enhancements on equipment. Nack in Ardentmill doesn't sell basic ores. Alchemy Fusing isn't enabled. And we don't have a lot of boss stuff such as Hilla, Arkanium, Magnus, or Empress.

I do enjoy hopping back on the server, especially to try out new classes. Unfortunately though, the game goes by so fast, especially when you already have funding and equips to transfer, that I end up spending 2-3 days on a new character, hitting 13X or 14X, then quickly growing tired of doing LHC by myself. 140-200 is basically just grinding endgame party play monsters, and since I already have high leveled characters to kill bosses with, I end up not pursuing those high levels. So...then I'm done and quit for another week/month/whatever. XD
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User Info: sauceje

4 years ago#6
Oh yeah, Extalia... I could make an angelic buster there to check the class out.

User Info: xzaox

4 years ago#7
i love extalia that's what i play exclusively, i'm happy they don't have legendary potential and all that stuff to make everyone godly, it actually promotes teamwork. it's nice to have a server that's easy to use and not have to jump through a bunch of holes to get it to play properly and the lag free experience alone is worth it
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User Info: Antistasis

4 years ago#8
Is it down right now? Or has been for a while? Would love to check it out, as I played both official Maple and many private servers back in the day.

User Info: Mezmorizor

4 years ago#9
It's really a shame that a majority of the staff are 9/11 truthers. That one forum topic killed any chance of me ever playing on there again.
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User Info: xzaox

4 years ago#10
Antistasis posted...
Is it down right now? Or has been for a while? Would love to check it out, as I played both official Maple and many private servers back in the day.

i was just playing a little bit ago and it was working fine, i think i web page is down though
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  3. Just tried Extalia for the first time. It feels like cheating.

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