How should I go about upgrading my gear?

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User Info: JohN247

4 years ago#1
The gear:

Yes, I know. Most of it is badly scrolled. I'm waiting for Innocence scrolls to come back to the Cash Shop (or for a period of time where I can just throw cash at cubes and buy new Empress gear). In the meantime, though, what can/should I do to improve my damage?

My meso budget is 4b and my NX budget is currently nonexistent (for the next couple weeks.. we'll see about after).

Thanks in advance.
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User Info: Dawngarde

4 years ago#2
Though I've never played Thief characters before, from the looks of things, your character's stuff looks quite decent.

I'd work on getting a +10 perfect Cane, however. A good, strong weapon is always important.
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User Info: a5ny5

4 years ago#3
your entire emp armor set is pretty bad except for gloves. go chaos up a 15+ atk overall and 10+ atk hat/shoes/cape
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  3. How should I go about upgrading my gear?

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