Can Maplestory survive?

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User Info: xbombr

3 years ago#11
SilentNinjaKij posted...
Here is a "Fix-All" Solution: Stop catering to the rich maplers, Cater to new Customers

***Make all weapons and equips lvl 120+ have easier access***

Timeless and Reverse should just drop from mobs at this point and makes no sense having to only make them from recipe's or gach.

Also bosses should drop 140+ equip earlier on, (such as Hilla and Zak) and various recipes as well.

***Update shops and quests with FAIR prices and inventory***

Shops need to be updated with equipment at least lvl 140, to regulate FM prices. Something that represent all items and all lvls need to be in the shops. I also hate seeing prices in npc shops for 1mill mesos and up for certain items. Makes a new player want to quit honestly. Its not like mobs are dropping 10k sack of mesos or anything. Remember that Showa town quest for 50mill? What the **** is that still here for?

Just make the game easier to survive past lvl 100.


I feel like Tot's "Here is free gear until level 60" makes this game a lot more accessible to brand new players. Additionally, since the free pet has a free meso magnet now, new players will earn enough money to buy some entry level stuff if they play continuously for a week.

However, I'm going to agree that more stuff needs to be put in the game that makes it better for new customers. Shop permits should NOT cost nx at this point. Especially with 10k meso owls buyable from vendors. Several normal mode bosses need the zakum treatment where they become soloable as long as you're properly geared for your level.

I can understand having some incredibly hard bosses to keep the game challenging, but there is no real progression in maple. It's feast or famine. You either get lots of lucky drops and sell them to afford nice gear or you end up in limbo where you can't do any of the bossing content to upgrade your own gear and can't upgrade your stuff from shops because you're too poor because the game has no real economic basis for new players outside of getting nx or finding the happenstance chaos blades or golden hammers.

I feel like some things are a step in the right direction, like the spelltraces allowing people to get decent scrolls on their own without having to farm the mobs that normally drop them or spending several million (potentially billion depending on what type) mesos in the free market.
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User Info: SilentNinjaKij

3 years ago#12
They also need to rollback the Victoria Island maps to *Pre-Big Band*

Before Big Bang the maps forced you to explore and you hate to travel to different maps the long way but it made the game have some sort of direction. (expect for orbis and ludi towers I hate those) Remember finding your first hidden map? Remember trying to find all of them?

Also remove the dimensional window, i like the fact of hanging out in maps full of people, to take a break and make new friends. It takes the fun out of exploring areas to pq in, and now those town/cities are uninhabited.

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