Recognize me? Want nostalgia? I'll just leave this here...

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User Info: Wafles_

3 years ago#11
i recognize all these people
fun times
all i play anymore is stepmania

User Info: Braille

3 years ago#12
Bera was where it USED to be at.

User Info: azn_riza_000

3 years ago#13
ohai hoob
Windia GMS ~ SatomiBlade - 210 Paladin ~ Riaaz - 205 Xenon ~

User Info: SilentNinjaKij

3 years ago#14
Anyone remember my old guild on Bora back in 2005-06?

We never made it past lvl 38, but we always had 100mill to splurge in FM. It we was highly active and we had more fun than I ever remember. It was the best guild I ever been apart of.

User Info: TheSeekingHobo

3 years ago#15
lol weekend getaway
I was in Japan for 2 years on USS GW, then that boat was actually one of the reasons I ended up getting out. Sure I was getting a good paycheck, but the hours and work I put in for it was worth more than what I was getting.

Y'know, MS is a strange game. You quit because it's terrible. Then, you find old screens of funny stuff or remember silly things about it. Then you think about playing again.

Then you remember why you quit and don't.

Kinda like being off active duty. Sometimes you remember the cool stuff about being in, and ponder going back in. Then you remember the 18 hour work days, never guaranteed to sleep the few hours off you have, the completely pointless rules, etc., and wonder if you're sick in the head for considering going back.

Also, hi wafs. I have you on Steam still, I think. And I think XBL. I don't remember for sure though.
I'm actually surprised to see so many people here. I figured y'all would've jumped ship long time ago.
Steam : Ariality
Xbox Live : ZombieShellback

User Info: TechDude

3 years ago#16
dis is a cool topic.

all wafs does anymore is play stepmania
GMS-Windia - CaptTechy - 17x Mechanic, Tech - 14x Shadower, Nawbiers - 160 Marksman, Techyy - 13x Evan, Techybro - 12x Wild Hunter

User Info: BobWayne17

3 years ago#17
Sup lab. Sup techy. Sup hobo.

how has life been, haha.
XBL Gamertag - AwesomeOG
Current Games SSFIV, MvC3, Halo:Reach, Pokemon White

User Info: FamedMimicGogo

3 years ago#18
I remember everybody in this topic.
3DS FC: 3196-4590-1807
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User Info: TheSeekingHobo

3 years ago#19
So someone posted a link to the MS intro screen music on Youtube.
I'm getting the itch, even though I know I won't play for more than like a day >.>
Tech, you still play? o.o

@BobWayne I recognize your GFAQs name but I can't remember your IGN. D:
Steam : Ariality
Xbox Live : ZombieShellback

User Info: FlashReturns

3 years ago#20
They all come back in the end ;_;
You ain't a beauty, but hey you're alright...
...Oh and that's alright with me
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