Help! Major glitch!!

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User Info: Haven_Relis

5 years ago#1
I'm in Gloria's mind, at the end where you fight the boss. But as soon as the fight starts all the sounds stop. It's like the TV's been muted. I thought it was just a problem with that part of the game. I kept dying so I decided to go back and get some candies for health, but when I used the bacon the game just froze. Nothing happens. I died and got kicked out of Gloria's mind and there was no background music in the real word. There were sounds when Raz would punch, but that's all. The game still froze when I tried to use the bacon to go back to camp. I'm pretty much stuck now because of all this.

Has anyone else had this problem? Or is it just my copy of the game? I just bought it a few days ago from Gamestop. It's used of course.

User Info: gametypeplayer

5 years ago#2
I've never personally ran into that, but the PS2 version isn't the best port ever so it's possible that it was a major bug they never got to.
A lot of things you described like the sound muting and the game freezing at loading screens all sound like a case of disc failure, whether it's the game or your drive I don't know. If the game has a ton of little scratches or a few heavy ones, I'd return it for a better one. Or better yet, lie and say you didn't like it to get refunded and put the money twords a new copy.
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