Psychonauts 2 may happen!

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User Info: Flammableghost

5 years ago#11
oh please let this be true

I don't care what system it comes out on. if it comes out on the Wonder Swan, then I'm getting a damn Wonder Swan. No matter the cost.

Thank you Notch. I've never played Minecraft, but I will rectify that error if this is all true
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User Info: StnkyWizleTeets

5 years ago#12
I came here to post this news but you already beat me to it. I have been putting this story everywhere I can think of. I really hope this happens and we all get a chance to run around in others minds once again.

Next they should make brutal legend 2. Then all my dreams would be true.

One more thing. The best part of this whole story is that this guy seems like just another fan who wants to see a sequel. Now he has the money and wants to make it happen. We have all said or at least thought that if we had the money we would make a game that we never thought would come out.

User Info: mcksalg

5 years ago#13

Notch is going to pony up $13 mil, this game is now def happening, it may end up as a digital release game. If they release part one again as digital it may generate more money and interest for the sequel.

User Info: Board_hunter567

5 years ago#14
They upped the budget to $40 million.
I still say Persson has no idea what he's getting himself into, even though that number seemed to scare him.

I would blame him for getting people hyped up only to crush their hopes, but it's really everyone else's fault for hyping this up and thinking that he's some miracle worker.

User Info: Vorgier

5 years ago#15
It's not going to happen.

User Info: CyanicKnight

5 years ago#16
I just read this. But I'm still not getting excited, look at SteambotChronicles2. >_>
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