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User Info: paper_otavio

9 years ago#1
nobody likes this game anymore and this board is dead!!!!!!
my fears:water,scissors,anything that burns....I paper of course :'(

User Info: m3rox

9 years ago#2
the board's dead, that doesn't mean nobody likes it. Lots of these boards die after a few months to a year. I personally really like this game (though I suck at it lol). I'm playing it right now.

User Info: paper_otavio

9 years ago#3
glad to see other people that like playing this too.
my fears:water,scissors,anything that burns....I paper of course :'(

User Info: TheGBAman

9 years ago#4
im playing it >.>

currently doing all the animations for it >.>

ill post one of them... the rest of the characters will be on this website

www.retrogamezone.co.uk in a bit :P

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User Info: Applepieman

9 years ago#5
It seems all the really popular DS games before the Wifi days are now dead. Such as Meteos and Polarium.
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User Info: samxx1x

9 years ago#6
Awesome game. I play the dreamcast version more these days though.
Bad guys have all the fun.

User Info: greng_uk

9 years ago#7
I've been a fan of the series since it's release. The handheld versions are nice to have on the go but the console releases are where the real fun is. The pace of the game is really too slow on the GBA and DS versions.

Love that each version of the game has nice variations of puzzle/mission modes though. Time trial in Mr Driller G is my favourite.

In truth, Mr Driller G is one of my all time favourite games.

User Info: 4StringSamurai

9 years ago#8
just got the game a month ago and it hasn't left my ds for more then a day since, wonderful game.
Theres a Dreamcast version? I need to look into that.

User Info: ryanD86

9 years ago#9
Just picked up this game yesterday at a bargain bin. And I must say its a great game.
If graphics are the most important thing for you, go watch HD movies.

User Info: Spicy_Chicken_J

9 years ago#10
I bought it today for $7.99, and I just cleared the old save data. I wish it had single card multiplayer, though.
Yeah, beating it is satisfying indeed.- shinkutat
i agree with pogomonkey- ForiegnerDude

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