Dristone Driller? The Moon?

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User Info: final_lap

8 years ago#1
The codes sections mentions these things and I had no idea they exist. ("complete 'the moon' to unlock..." etc) How am I supposed to beat them if I can't even play them?!

What are The Moon and Dristone Driller and how do I unlock them?

also to anyone who reads this: Please reply even if you can't help with my question.


User Info: final_lap

8 years ago#2
oh it just occurred to me

These are all marked in the cheats section as being exclusive to the European/Japanese versions of the game

I get it now, it becomes pretty obvious now that they have content the USA version does not have.

copied from the cheats sections:

Endless Dristone Driller Level (JP/EU Versions)
Beat Dristone Driller once to unlock Tokyo being an infinitely deep level.
How to Unlock endless modes (EU/JP Versions)

Unlockable How to Unlock
Outer Space Complete "The Moon" in mission mode
South Pole Complete all earth levels in mission mode

Unlock Usagi (JPN/EU versions)
To unlock Usagi you need to complete the 2000m moon level in mission mode using Ataru.
Please note this only works in the Japanese and European versions.

I noted the possibility that these are just the same modes/levels the USA version has but with different names. But Usagi is extremely strong evidence to the contrary. (as I think I would have noticed unlocking a SEVENTH CHARACTER !!)
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