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User Info: jdrogers11

6 years ago#1
So my local gamespot has this game in along with encounters in space in stock and I had a few questions.

I know about encounters in space already so my questions have more to deal with this game. Is the camera any better in this game than in fvz and can you move it yourself or is it fixed? Also how is the story mode? I understand that you need prior knowledge of the series to understand it so if I have not seen it will I be lost? I do know the basics of the story though.. Is this game better than fvz overall in your opinion?

Thanks in advance.

User Info: Javelin_Chimera

6 years ago#2
This is pretty much just like FvZ as far as gameplay but with a lot more suits and the teamwork awakening thing. I keep FvZ around for the campaign, arguably more fun than the story mode here. GvZG has a bit more to do though, took me a while and a bit of luck to 100% the galleries and such. I use this one to play with friends.

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