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User Info: themegaman7

8 years ago#411
Can you change your COs colour in this game, like in Advance Wars 2? Thx!
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User Info: Elfishguy11

8 years ago#412
Yes you can, you can also change their uniform once theyre higher than lvl 10
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User Info: MegaAdmiral

8 years ago#413
You have to buy the changes from battlemaps, though. Still, they're really cheap.

User Info: Elfishguy11

7 years ago#414
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User Info: AtmosOmega

7 years ago#415
Bloody Hell.
I posted in this topic something like...3 years ago?

What's really scary is that this isn't my oldest active topic.

In that time span, this game was stolen from me, and I only recently reacquired a copy of it.
You know what I found? Days of Ruin was much better balanced, and easier to see.
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User Info: Elfishguy11

7 years ago#416
Personally I prefer this, much more fun... But less challenging, both are good in their own ways...
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User Info: doomcrusader

7 years ago#417
Last post was 6 months ago lol.

User Info: Changlini

7 years ago#418
This is very interesting.
Oh how you haunt me.

User Info: Tinto

7 years ago#419
This topic should get to 500
Victory favors neither the righteous nor the wicked, it favors the prepared.

User Info: doomcrusader

6 years ago#420
Last post was over 6 months ago.

I wonder when this topic will hit 500. pic by beam_
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