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User Info: CooperF4

7 years ago#1
Just wondering who might lurk around the board and still plays this game. I've had it since it came out, and I can probably think of only a handful of games that I've gotten this much value out of. I mean I still play it, and just about everytime I travel, I bring my DS and this game is always one that I pack.

Anyone else still enjoying this unique title?

User Info: plagamesforeva

7 years ago#2
I still own it and will NEVER get rid of my copy, but to be honest, I have not played this game since I got it. At the time that I did get it, I played endlessly for weeks, but that's about it.

I love the music though. Too bad I can't say the same for Yoshi's Island DS.
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User Info: CooperF4

7 years ago#3
You should try it again. You'll be surprised how easily it is to get addicted again. I set some new high scores just the other day.

Not sure I've ever gotten this much value out of a DS cart before....or any cart for that matter.

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