seriously, is this game that bad?

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User Info: Joannapedia

9 years ago#1

seriously, is this game that bad?

i am a huge fan of the original, and i would really like to be able to play this on the go, but it seems that most people think that this game is bad...

so i found this game at a store for 10 euros and i want to ask: can anyone enjoy this game dispite its flaws, or the flaws of this game are so major, that make it unplayable?

thanks in advance to anyone that answers to me, and sorry for my bad english

User Info: mat0591

9 years ago#2
In my opinion I think the game is great. It was the second game I bought for the DS and didnt put it down til I finished. It's probably still my favorite DS game and it has tonnes of replayability. In case you did'nt know, this is a direct port of Rayman 2: The Great Escape so if you have it for either PS1 or Dreamcast you may not want to spend the money on it. However its always a plus being portable and the graphics are great, music is great & I just got that great nostaligic feeling from when I played it back on the PS1. I got it for £9.99, bargain!

The camera can be a slight annoyance on rare occasions but it usually fixes itself. Some people also say they experience a slight delay in movement but ive never had this happen myself. Id say go for it! You shouldnt regret it for €10.

Hope that helps. Matt.

User Info: G1orkatsos

9 years ago#3

rayman ds fells exactly like rayman 2 on the n64, which was on of the best platformers ever made. the only thing that holds this game back are the controls which feel a lot inferior than mario 64 ds, which is a similar game. but if you can get past the control issues and get used to them(like i did), you can enjoy a very good platformer. in that price i would say go buy it.

this game should have been delayed 1 or 2 months to fix the control issues. then this forum might have been a lot different...

ps: I want a proper Rayman 4!@ not that rabbid cr*p....

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